Friday, August 06, 2004

[Friday, August 6th 2004]: For about 2 weeks 2 little devils messed up my bedroom... not only my bedroom, they also messed up the entire flat :-P It wasn't that bad since they are very young, and I only see them once or twice a year so I'm also happy to watch them and tell them weird stories :-D . Now they are spending their holiday in a camping near beaches with their parents.

I also tidied up a bit my bedroom; I wanted to sweep and clean the floor, but my mom did it. I didn't want her to do that because she would get tired. I say it once again : although I'm a lazy guy, there's things I DO want to do and don't let other people do. My mom insisted on cleaning the floor and kept on removing the not so sticky but very dried dust on the floor.

I try every day to learn and answer rightly the questions that I can be asked to be able to enter the driving lessons, and if I succeed in giving the right answers and driving the best I can do, then I will receive the driver's licence. This licence may and will be useful to search jobs that are far from home. I hope I succeed at least in giving the right answers !

I installed a shell for Windows, shell name is BB4Win "BlackBox for Windows", a free shell that comes from the window manager BlackBox for Linux and/or unix operations systems (I'm not really sure about what I just wrote about Linux and Unix window manager, so if you're interested, visit their website http://www.bb4win.org/). As the programmers claim, BB4Win is just to meant to be fast, useful and easy to customize, not a slow and heavy shell. Well I was really surprised, it is very easy to customize BB4Win with the various plug-ins, you just need to download them and write a few lines with a text editor to install them :-) . You can also donwload and install themes(or skins) made by users and fans, themes available on excellent arts and graphics sites such as http://www.deviantart.com/ or http://www.skinnables.org/, http://www.customize.org/ or http://freshmeat.net/, and many more ! Just see the screenshots to be :-D !
You can also try LiteStep, it is also easy to configure with a text editor, but do not mistake LiteStep plug-ins with BB4Win plug-ins because they often have the same file extension (.rc), so read the faqs before downloading and using them. And if you have problems, you can easily uninstall them and use safely your previous shell(explorer.exe).

That's what I wanted to say this day.
See you soon :-)
Post Scriptum : I think I may justify the text, or align it on the left or center or right side of the webpage... whatever the text style :-P :-)

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