Sunday, September 12, 2004

[Sunday, September 12th 2004]:Yesterday was September 11th, 3 years after that bad and sad day in New York, where the Twin Towers fell because of two hijacked airplanes :-( U.S. thought it was Oussama Ben Laden who was responsible for these attacks... Yet today Ben Laden is still uncaught and runs freely anywhere in this planet... There were many different stories, hypothesis, plots and conspiracies about the 9/11 events...
I think these events aimed to prove for a lot of centuries that we human beings are still weak and still make mistakes through History... We learnt and we are learning how to not repeat the same mistakes. There are also deeper and/or higher scaled leveled reasons that interfere and have effects on our behaviours and actings... Too many questions we haven't found any answers yet. I read many years ago a theory which explained if one day we would get omniscient, we would became both Good and Evil Gods(also what do"Good" and "Evil"mean ? Famous question : killing someone : is it good or bad? This is a very wide range and imprecise question too.).
Well, improve and help yourself first; when you're feeling ready, you'll be able to help the others and let them find their own way to improve themselves and then help the others, etc. Easier said than done !
See you all readers soon :-)

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