Thursday, September 09, 2004

[Thursday, September 9th 2004]: It's already the ninth month of this 2004 year, and I still don't know where I will study...

I have begun to learn HTML basics and german language again to fill my free available time; about the driving lessons to obtain a driver's licence, I 'm still learning and answering a lot of many and many different questions, and there's often a picture or a photography with the question...

For example there's a picture of a crossroad, a car on the right side and a car facing you; you have then to see and focus on the many clues(painted lines on the road, walkers, traffic lights, car's light signs, etc.) in this picture to answer that question = Which car should or must go first? 1)your car 2)the car on the right 3)the car facing you .

I answered about two thousand questions... When you feel ready for the final examination, you must answer rightly 35 questions among the 40 asked, that means if you give 6 wrong answers among the 40= you fail; if you give 5 or less than 5 wrong answers=you succeed in passing the exam !
(If you fail, you have to paid about 50 Euros(I think it's expensive :-( ) if you want to subscribe for a second try.)

Passing this exam allows and enables you to train and take the real final driving exam to get the driver's licence. You can take 5 times this real final driving exam; if you fail after these 5 tries, you have to take again the 40 questions exam so that you'll be allowed to retry the driving exam.(The driving exam subscription with about 10 hours of driving lessons is about 300 or 350 Euros :-( Very expensive !)( You can pay these 300 or 350 Euros by dividing it into 3 bills if you can't pay at once.)

... I think I can pass the 40 questions exam; but what about the driving exam :-P ha ?

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