Tuesday, January 11, 2005

[Tuesday, January 11th 2005]: Listening to a web radio... Now playing(or broadcasting) Guano Apes, Open Your Eyes ...
Here's the beginning of this year 2005, it has only been more than 2 weeks, some asian countries still weren't given any real help after the tsunamis. Some roads can't be driven on, unless organisations use very big 4WheelsDriver big cars and trucks. I saw on tv few helicopters flied and landed only for a few minutes to give food, clothes and other materials.
A lot of people abroad want to help the victims, many give money and food to national and international organisations. I hope all this money won't be stolen and won't go to waste. In my opinion, giving (basic food, food that can at least fulfill primary needs)food is better than giving money, not that I'm mean with money. I don't know if it is the truth, I saw on tv: in 2003, there was an earthquake in Iran. One year later, only a bit more than 50% of the money that people abroad gave were distributed to the Iran inhabitants. Where did the 40% or more left of the money go???
This year 2005 will have some mysteries and questions without full answers... If I look to the chinese calendar, it will be the year of cocks, hens, poultries... I hope there won't be poultries diseases in 2005 and SARS. This chinese year also means: there may be some "eggs" in 2005, "eggs" means that good?or bad? surprises will come in 2005. And also we should be careful, prudent, because we can get a beak hit on our head >_< :-| That can hurt!
Let's give a best shot and see what will happen in 2005!

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