Saturday, February 25, 2006

[Saturday, February 25th 2006]: I'm sitting in front of my computer, spending or maybe wasting time browsing... There's a lot of things I must do, but I'm lazy now :-) : homework, classify sheets and books, get old lessons and exercises and redo them, run and body training, play some video games, listen to random radios (winamp, realplayer, etc.) to find new good songs...

Yesterday I tested again my 3 cds of Mandrake 10.1 official, I got these cds before Mandrake was renamed into Mandriva Linux. I learnt how to use urpmi to install and/or uninstall programs, it is very easy to use for a beginner like me :-) Last time I tried Mandrake 10.1, it was with rpmdrake, I didn't know urpmi and rpmfind.net, and I didn't know what superuser and root really meant; now it's clear to me :-) !

Well then, I go back to read some mangas. Sunny afternoon today \o/ !

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