Saturday, June 17, 2006

[Saturday, June 17th 2006]: It's hot in here, the summer is already heating! For about two months I read and read again and learnt again my lessons and made again some old homework to have more chance to succeed in having the exams. My head sometimes seems to explode (>_<) I don't even know yet where and what to study from September-October 2006. I think about it everyday. I hope that 2006-2007 will be the last year for my studies. After that studies I go looking for a job, I can always study again later; I know for example a guy who stopped his studies when 22, then he studied again after 8years of jobs, 30 years old.

A friend lent me some episodes of an american tv series, Prison Break. The story gets more and more interesting ! Usually I only watch one or two episodes of an anime or a tv series per week . But Prison Break is... a drug! I watched 2 or 3 episodes/day ! I can t wait to see the next episode \o/ !!!

Well then, See you soon :-) Bye!


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