Monday, April 12, 2010

[Monday, April 12th 2010]: A lot of things to do and take care of... Sometimes I wish I had more eyes and hands and a more powerful brain, lol xD ! Still trying to find a job and thinking about which job I want to learn. Not sure if I want to work about environment, recycling, or about logistics, supply chain, transports, or about buildings and their management(from the thoughts of an engineer or an urbanist to the complete build of apartments/flats and houses), or about drawing, graphics, 2D, 3D, multimedia etc.

Out of topic:
The nephews here were fans of the WWE TV shows (Raw, SmackDown, ECW, Pay per Views, etc.). Lately they don't care about it, not interested with the current stories and feuds.
They spend more time on their Nintendo DS than on their homework! And their parents rarely scold them, until they show bad grades from school :-p :-(.
One is playing Megaman ZX Advent, the others Sonic and Sega Racing.

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